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Fast & Safe Delivery

Safe, fast and exact delivery of the quality demanded, that’s what it’s all about. From anywhere in the world, you can count on us! We are available any time, day or night. You can plan delivery schedules with confidence, knowing that you can rely on the fastest possible service. When greater speed is required, we always have the solution!

Ships Agency

Full range of port services, for all type of ships in the East Mediterranean and Black sea. A network of agents covers all the ports in the area. Experienced, educated and reliable professionals can meet all the requirements of each vessel calling the ports we serve. Smooth and fast operations at low cost without hidden expenses is our principal

Internation Air Freight

Through Athens, Thessaloniki, Tirana, Sofia, Pristina and Larnaca Airport we provide cargo dispatch to all known airports of the world to serve customer urgent shipments. With the support from our freight forwarding agents we deliver goods at receiver's door

our services

AMR Logistics offers services in Shipping, Freight Forwarding and the Logistics industry.
With an extensive international network of freight forwarding in all big ports and commercial centers of the world, covers the five continents by sea, road and air. As a freight forwarder we offer services using container Port of Albania, Ports of Greece and other combined services in sea and rail and air transport

packaging and storage

No matter if it is one box or one pallet or more pallets. Our experts at the loading port can organize to load the cargo into an LCL container together with cargo from other customers.


Port of Albania, Ports of Greece and other combined services in sea and rail and air transport.

worldwide transport

AMR represents a reliable 45’ intermodal logistics operator specialized in rail/road transport between North Europe and Greece into Balkan from China.

ware housing

All FE ports are served with weekly sailings to Greece. Via Greek ports we also accept groupage cargo ex Far East ports to Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Cyprus..

Sea Freight

With an extensive international network of freight forwarding in all big ports and commercial centers of the world.

Door To Door Devivery

We have the right caring, experience and dedicated professional for you.

More about us

Why People Choose Us

We strive to become pioneers in the field, providing first quality and cost-effective service, and smart solutions to the market. Our 30 years’ experience in the shipping, transport and logistics industry is our strength, which support us to deliver our promises to our customers. Our professional, enthusiastic and dynamic team is dedicated to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. We aim to become partners with our customers by delivering to them what they really need from us in order to achieve their targets..

  • Fast Worldwide delivery

    provides essential services for organizations which are time-critical sending & receiving important documents & parcels within the China, Europe, Greece and Balkan.

  • Safety & Compliance

    For years the international movement of goods has been subject to new safety regulations. The one who knows them and who professionally handles them has a clear competitive advantage. Our trained advisors help companies to find their way through this set of rules. As a practical support we also put our network and our contact to government offices and agencies at the service of our customers.


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Thank you so your support. We truly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again..

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Thank you. We hope your experience was awesome and we can’t wait to see you again soon..


Your support means the world to us! Thank for your business. Hope to work with you again in the future..



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latest information and containers numbers around the world

6 Jan

China’s 1Q20 Port throughput down by 8.5%, DynaLiners

In the difficult first three months of this year, ports in China handled 55.2 million TEU, a decline of 8.5% year-on-year. Some 49.3 million TEU (-8%) was routed via sea ports, whilst 5.8 million TEU (-11%) was handled by river ports...

21 Apr

Top-25 Container Liner Operators

The 1 October 2020 Top 25 Container Liner Operators (by parent or main company, including subsidiaries and affiliates) control 92% of the existing world container capable fleet deployed in liner services...

20 Jun

Top-25 Container Liner Operators, 07-10-2020

Comparing the present Top 25 with one year ago shows that HMM and Unifeeder have nearly doubled their fleets. Whilst HMM grew organically, through the construction of twelve ships of 24,000 TEU.

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